Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reflecting on a Fabulous Weekend

Well, I ended my fabulous holiday weekend with being sick. I was so aggravated! It didn't happen until Sunday night, so only Monday was a wash...only I'm still sick. I ended up with strep throat and it doesn't go away on its own, so I should start to turn around now that I dealt with it instead of waiting to see if it would just go away. Mommies aren't supposed to get sick!

What this down time has done for me is let me reflect on all the wonderful times we crammed in this weekend. My work-a-holic husband took the entire four day weekend off and we had my step-son with us the whole time, that never happens! It was wonderful! Michael cooked several amazing meals, he loves to cook and I don't deny him of the privilege. We love his cooking, especially on the grill! The chicken and steak kabobs were fabulous on the grill and then he did hamburgers and hot dogs. He made breakfast every morning, but his buttermilk pancakes are what stand out the most. YUM! We were at our pool a lot through out the weekend and it was so nice, not too hot. Saturday we took off to Dollywood to surprise Christopher and it worked, he was so excited. He got to ride his first roller coaster and his first train, his favorite was the water rides...the wetter he got the more he liked it. Mya was too little for the majority of the rides, so she and I enjoyed strolling around the park laughing at the boys and taking pictures. On our drive home that night we saw Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson tribute singing in a parking lot in Pigeon Forge and right down from there was Elvis himself dressed it the full white stand up collar singing in another parking lot with a crowd around him. And I ain't even kidding!  Just when you think you've see it all.
Chicken and Steak Kabobs
Christopher helping flip daddy's buttermilk pancakes

The Happy Campers

Mya's view of Dollywood
We got to have our neighbors over for a cookout and we made s'mores over the copper fire pit, it was so much fun. Kim had her first s'more at age 42, she can mark that off her bucket list now. We got to telling stories and laughing, somehow we got the kids scared of the dark while they were catching fire flies. We didn't really tell scary stories, just of the crazy storms we have been having lately. Even the adults were wishing we had left more lights on. We got to go to some friends house to do more swimming, cooking out and had homemade ice cream. I'll have to get Ben to share that recipe for sure!

It was a grand holiday weekend, I just need a vacation to rest up from it now.

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