Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Love for my New Garden Gloves

I am in love with my new garden gloves! Is that possible??? Yes! I love them! They were a little more than the average garden gloves, but they are worth it. We purchased them at Evergreen in Colonial Heights for $7.99 each pair.When they claim to 'fit like a glove'...they absolutely do. I can feel what I am doing when I work in the yard now. I have always just borrowed my dad's bulky gloves or had ones that were too thin with a lack of protection. These Atlas Glove's Nitrile Touch are fabulous and do fit like a second skin. They are made with a tough Nitrile coating and breathable Nylon lining. While being tough, they are soft, flexible,comfortable, knit without seams, extremely durable, and machine washable. What more could you want from garden gloves? I appreciate the grip that they have as well. I chose the purple ones and my sweet 86 year old grandmother got the pink pair. We will be weeding in durable fashion!
I am not doing a review of this product, I simply like to shout it to the world when I find something that I love and is useful. All opinions are my own and my Nan Nan's. *smile*

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