Sunday, May 29, 2011

Favorite Memories of Cooking Out

I just entered for the Bush Bean's Grilling Set at Wenderly's blog. All I had to do was answer the question of what my favorite memory of grilling out was.

My very favorite  memories of cooking out is my dad pitching the tent in our backyard for it to dry out after a camping trip we had just returned from. My parents would let me invite my friends over to have our own backyard slumber party. They would have a bonfire to let us roast our own hot dogs and s'mores. Life was simple then. I look forward to enjoying these same summer time events with our children.

I can smell the wood burning now and imagine the gooey marshmallow melting the Hershey chocolate...we may be headed to Food City after the pool today.

Happy Memorial Day y'all!

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Anonymous said...

my favorite cookout memory is when I caught my first( and it turns out my only) catfish. Cant remember how old I was but I was terrified it would "get me' so my dad and his uncle helped me unhook it. Anyways we cooked it up that night over open fire (or a coleman grill-dad is serious about his cookouts)Well let me tell ya nuttin taste better than sumpin you have caught yerself. Guess who.

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