Sunday, August 21, 2011

In His Perfect Timing

Things have been a little busy around the Camper homestead lately, but today was refreshing relaxing. We were all at home together ALL day, which never happens for us.
My husband works 24 hour shifts as an EMT-IV Tech and once he leaves a shift, he goes straight to mowing and landscaping. Then you add him being a Captain at the Fire hall and teaching the Junior firefighters and pulling his over-night duty there...we hardly get to see him. Did I mention the hour drive he has from our house to work each way...shew!
I recently started a new position as the teacher for the 1 year old classroom for Mom's Day Out at First Baptist. Mya gets to be in my class, I am ecstatic about this! What a blessing to combine my love of children, teaching, to be with my daughter and with my church friends. It isn't full time obviously, so there is still the need to find something that works with my husbands erratic schedule to help provide for our family.
I have been applying for over four months now for a variety of positions that I feel I am qualified for and it is tough times out there! Out of all the jobs (and it is a lot)  I have applied for, only ONE had the decency to even acknowledge that I had applied for it. It was a very polite 'you are not a candidate' letter, but it was something.
I do have one resume packet out there that all my hopes and prayers are still on. I will tell you about it in another post. It is unusual, but delightfully right up my alley! I would be able to have my daughter with me most of the time and we would be 10 minutes from my parents and my grandmother. I know that God is in control of all things and His timing is perfect. I am confident it will all work out how it is supposed to because my prayer has been for His will to be done. He will close the doors on the positions I have applied for that I am not supposed to have and He will make a way for the one that I am to His perfect time.

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